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You know the changes you’ve seen in escalation rates, customer satisfaction, team efficiency and retention, and revenue.

But your friends at other organizations haven’t had the time to discover how support teams can switch from reactive cost centers into proactive revenue generators.

Let’s change that.

Refer your friends and spread the word about SupportLogic. As a sign of our appreciation, your organization will receive credits toward your account. And you get a gift too!

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22.10 WW PROM - SupportLogic Referral Program (#52)

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How It Works

1. Complete the form above

To get started, fill in your name and email, to make sure you get credit, and the information about your referral.

2. Your referral receives a notification

We will send an email to your referral to notify them that you have referred them to SupportLogic. The email will include a link to schedule a meeting with our team.

3. Meet and get credit

Our team will hold an introductory meeting with your referral.

After your referral attends the meeting, you receive:

  • $1,000 worth of SupportLogic credit for your organization*

You also get your choice of additional gifts delivered electronically:

  • $100 eGift card
  • $100 donation to your choice of select charities

4. Repeat

We want the entire support community to know about SupportLogic. You continue to earn rewards with each referral that meets with us – you can earn $2,000 of credit for your second successful referral.

So open your LinkedIn connections list and start banking the credits!

*Credit to be applied at renewal or in the form of usage credits according to your organization’s service agreement.

Innovative Support Leaders Love SupportLogic

Our management team uses SupportLogic as our eyes everywhere.”

Patrick Martin

VP of Technical Support

Reduce mean time to resolution from 4 days to 2



Decrease in MTTR




increase in First-Day Resolution



Reduction in Escalation Requests

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“[SupportLogic can] look at the actual content, process it intelligently, and generate alerts and signals to intercept and intervene at the right time.”

Matt Blair

SVP Support and Customer Success

Take a proactive approach to support




increase in csat




Partner CSAT



Reduction in SLA misses

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“I’m excited about Customer Support delivering a delightful service experience at every stage of the customer journey, in addition to resolving customer issues.”

Daniel Coullet

VP, Customer Success at Scale and Support Service

Reduce escalations and better prioritize cases



ReduCtion in escalations



 / 5

Partner CSAT

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“Our collaboration with SupportLogic has leveled up our customer support experience and has resulted in a 40% reduction in escalations.”

Chad Singleton

Vice President of Support Readiness

Reduce escalations and improve CSAT



Reduction in Escalations







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