Develop your entire support team

Create custom evaluation rubrics and use AI to pull out coaching opportunities.

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Standardize Agent Evaluations and Monitor the Process in One Spot

Enforce a Standard for Customer Support Experience Quality

Evaluate agent soft skills, case hygiene and troubleshooting against a set rubric

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Use AI-suggested case highlights for more streamlined, real-time coaching

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ACE reads 100% of cases and uses NLP and AI to recommend the best cases to review

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Custom Evaluation Rubrics

Create your own rubric or use one out of the box. Standardize the rubric and coaching process across your organization or slice it by team, product line, or region with agent coaching and evaluation software.

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Track Agent Progress

Establish baseline evaluation scores for an agent, a team, or your entire organization and analyze improvement trends in one place with case evaluation and agent performance tools. Provide support team visibility to every level of your organization.

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Technology Unicorns Love SupportLogic

“[SupportLogic] has helped us reduce the time managers spend selecting cases to review, and sets us up for a more streamlined overall case and agent evaluation process.”

Chris Todd

Director, Support Programs, Snowflake

Snowflake reduces review time and streamlines the evaluation process.



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