Slash Resolution Time in Half with AI-Powered Case Assignment

Full Webinar


Get the Right Cases to the Right Agents, Right Away

No more round robins. No more assigning cases based only on agent “capacity”. With SupportLogic, agents are matched with cases based on multiple factors including availability and the agent’s demonstrated skillset.

In this webinar replay, you’ll see how SupportLogic’s technology helps get the right cases to the right agents with minimal effort from managers. That results in dramatic reductions in case resolution time and dramatic increases in customer satisfaction.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of optimized case assignment
  • How AI delivers a superior assignment model to legacy models
  • How to quickly implement AI case assignment tools for your business

The session concludes with a live demo of AI-powered case assignments.

See the breakthrough technology that has leaders at Salesforce, Coveo, and Snowflake raving!


Martin Schneider
Chief Evangelist, SupportLogic

Ryan Radcliff
Technical Product Marketing, SupportLogic