Improving the Support Experience with Intelligent Swarming

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An All-Hands Approach

Solving customers’ hard problems can be an “all hands on deck” scenario – and support teams need more seamless approaches to enabling the ability to “swarm” to trouble spots. In addition, a new set of metrics and policies are needed to properly measure the success of swarming initiatives.

In this webinar replay, Francoise Tournaire, author of “The Art of Support” and founder of FT Works, Marilyn Lin, VP Customer Support Experience at Mulesoft, and Martin Schneider, Chief Evangelist at SupportLogic, seek to define what makes for a successful approach to case swarming, how to avoid potential pitfalls, and how to measure success.

Key takeaways:

  • How swarming helps provide more proactive, specialized support than a traditional, tiered approach
  • How to balance people/process/technology in your swarming initiative
  • How to define and measure the success of your swarming initiative

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John Ragsdale
VP of Technology Ecosystems, TSIA

Françoise Tourniaire
Founder, FT Works

Marilyn Lin
VP of Customer Support Experience, Mulesoft

Martin Schneider
Chief Evangelist, SupportLogic