SupportLogic 1.8 Release Notes

September 2019

We hope that you are having a fantastic summer–we’ve got a fantastic new release for you! In this release we focused on two major features:

  • Ability to merge customer accounts
  • Ability to track operational metrics

In addition, as always we squashed severals bugs and improved performance & usability throughout the product.

We love hearing your feedback and feature requests! Please feel free to reach out to us at!

The SupportLogic Engineering Team

Merge Customer accounts without modifying your underlying system of record!

Merge/Group Customer Accounts

We’ve added the ability to group customers accounts. You can use this to merge duplicate or redundant customer accounts or create a parent-child relationship for the existing customer accounts. Once an account is merged, our dashboard will merge all the tickets associated with all sub-accounts into a single entity. You still have the ability to drill down to individual sub-accounts. Our merge functionality is an overlay on top of your underlying ticketing platform. This means you don’t need to modify anything in the underlying ticketing platform, giving you the complete freedom and agility to make the changes as you see fit.

Search Merged Accounts

When you search for a specific customer name, you search both parent account and all its sub-accounts.  A parent account is denoted by the merged customer icon. 

Customer Page: Merged Account Support

We have added support for merged accounts to the customer page. You will now be able to see a consolidated view of the merged accounts and at the same time also drill down to individual sub-accounts.

Favorite Customers

If you find your Favorite Customers List getting a bit cluttered from multiple accounts, don’t fret! You can favorite merged accounts and you will be able to view both merged accounts and individual accounts in the favorites page. 

Operational Metrics

Enhance your support performance with Operational Metrics

We’ve introduced a new page for you to track operational metrics of your support team.  You can view stats for open or closed cases from a configurable time range. You can also add any custom metrics that you are currently tracking in your ticketing platform and personalize the dashboard to your liking.

Usability Improvements

Improved workflow to create/edit dashboard profiles

We’ve introduced a brand new workflow to create/edit dashboard profiles. Now you can add descriptions to your profiles, set data scopes, and also preview dashboard profiles you’ve created.

A powerful new Case field editor

The new and improved Case Fields allows you to quickly see which fields have been last refreshed and when. You can merge individual values into one broad value. For example, you may want to consolidate very specific version numbers into one version for viewing throughout the product.

Global filters, brought to all pages

We’ve added the ability to set common filters across all pages from a single settings section.

View an agent’s backlog from all angles

We’ve added the ability to view case distribution by case age, priority, and inactivity to get a better sense of which cases need additional agent attention. You can also configure case inactivity buckets in advanced settings.

Configure your lists to see all the crucial cases

You may want to configure your cases to better fit what you need to see. With each case list you’re now able to sort it in the order you want, drag and drop the list, edit filters, and also download a CSV file. 

View the expanded list to a case list

You can now see open cases ranked by the case field you’ve selected for the list.

Create another Case List (or 10)

We’ve improved the list creation workflow to help you configure your lists to better reflect the information you need to see. You can rank and filter individual lists.

Your SupportLogic Team