General Catalyst

Oct 13, 2021

SupportLogic: Serving Customers with AI

At General Catalyst, all investments in software are made to drive towards the stakeholder-aligned enterprise, a vision in which data and automation empower organizations to serve individual stakeholders with more precision than ever before. In this vision, one stakeholder stands above all the rest: the Customer.

As the world digitizes and more of our experiences are delivered through bits instead of atoms, customers have grown to expect far more from the businesses that serve them. In customer support, the bar for speed and accuracy has never been higher, and delayed responses, escalations, and unanswered questions have never been less acceptable.

Moreover, technology has accelerated the rate of innovation across every industry, and the resulting competition offers customers more vendor choice than in the past. Customer retention is now tracked in every enterprise earnings report, and missing opportunities to serve and delight customers is both visible and damaging.

Finally, the emergence of cloud computing and modern communication software have given organizations the ability to track and record every interaction they have with customers. However, despite this wealth of data, there has long been a missing piece: the ability to analyze and respond to customer data in a scalable, automated manner.


SupportLogic has emerged to fill this gap for its customers.

By leveraging the most modern and sophisticated techniques in Natural Language Processing, SupportLogic is able to parse through volumes upon volumes of unstructured data to surface insights and identify potential customer issues with unprecedented speed and reliability. Identifying these issues earlier allows organizations to respond proactively rather than reactively, nipping customer pain points in the bud before they are allowed to grow.

SupportLogic provides support executives with a single pane of glass that they can use to identify issues, drill into the root causes, and coordinate their responses with high velocity. Beyond simply helping with responding, SupportLogic’s correlation analysis can help provide a view of how to improve the product to prevent future incidents. Finally, SupportLogic’s retrospective analysis can help support managers identify best internal practices and share them when coaching agents.

During our diligence process, we spoke to support executives at some of the most innovative modern technology companies, such as Snowflake and Fivetran, and heard firsthand how SupportLogic enabled those companies to grow at remarkable rates while consistently exceeding the high expectations of their ever-growing customer bases.


As VMware’s first support engineer, Krishna Raja knows more acutely than anyone the challenges that modern support teams face. For many organizations, customer support has become a warzone, with a never-ending barrage of complaints and issues requiring hotfixes and all sorts of other reactive measures that teams can never seem to get ahead of.

Where many might’ve accepted playing defense, Krishna was determined to play offense and build a system designed to allow support organizations to reestablish control over their customer relationships.

As we have gotten to know the SupportLogic team, we have been consistently impressed by the clarity, vision and ability to execute that they possess. They are the right team to attack this problem at the right time, and we feel very fortunate to be able to welcome them to the GC family.