Insights from customer support can have a profound effect on your customer relationships and retention.

When customer success is equipped with actionable customer sentiment, they’re better equipped to address recurring issues—with the precise, clear-cut data they need to retain customers.

“Customer Success + Support Data = Improved Customer Relationships”

On December 14th, Brian Hodges and Kate Griffin of nCloud will join us to show how SupportLogic enables Gainsight customers to harness the power of data by bringing AI-based, real-time signals from support cases directly into Gainsight.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How predictive customer sentiment signals can help success teams improve customer relationships
  • The value of acting on escalation prediction, negative sentiment, and churn risk signals within Gainsight
  • The technical details and timeline behind the Gainsight + SupportLogic integration

Insights like these are the starting point to aligning your organization to improve products, customer experience, and more.

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Brian Hodges
CEO and Co-Founder,
nCloud Integrators

Kate Griffin
Vice President, Delivery Services
nCloud Integrators

Ryan Radcliff
Product Marketing,

SX focused companies use SupportLogic

About SupportLogic SX

The Continuous Support Experience Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ticketing system
  • Read every ticket and automatically extract signals using AI/NLP
  • Maintain context across conversational and ticket boundaries
  • Predict outcome and provide proactive recommendations with intelligent workflows
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