SupportLogic Success Plan

Reduce Escalations, Improve CSAT & Increase Productivity

Join us for an exclusive customer-only offering, where SupportLogic Senior Customer Success Manager will discuss the Success Plan for achieving significant results of reducing escalation rates by 20-50% over three months, Improving overall CSAT scores as well, and prevention of DSAT surveys and the productivity gains of Support Managers at your organization.

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SupportLogic Success Plan

Register to learn how to reduce escalations, improve CSAT & increase productivity.

What You Can Expect

Plan for Success with SupportLogic

Powerful results are achievable with SupportLogic – reducing escalations, improving CSAT, and increasing team efficiency. But achieving those results depends on implementing proven workflows that allow your team to get the most out of the solution. More specifically, achieving meaningful results is contingent on performing a daily prescribed workflow in the application.

In this session, Max Green and Lynne Koloski will help you plan how to reduce escalations, improve CSAT, and increase productivity with SupportLogic SX. They will share best practices that have helped users like you achieve significant, lasting results.

We look forward to seeing you there!

When you attend this session, you will learn how:

  • Achieving results in SupportLogic’s SX Platform is contingent on performing a prescribed workflow in the application on a daily basis
  • Workflows are performed by Support Managers, Escalation Managers, and/or Swarm Leads depending on the structure of your teams
  • Achievement is contingent on Accountability


Max Greene
Customer Success Manager & Product Expert, SupportLogic

Lynne Koloski
Customer Experience Manager & Session Moderator, SupportLogic