How to “Sell” to Your CFO

Get the Resources You Need to Succeed

The view of Support as a cost center is outdated. It devalues the impact of a team that regularly handles over half of customer interactions. And it creates the false impression that a quality support experience is a luxury your company can do without.

Even with frozen headcount and a tighter budget, your support organization will be expected to improve the customer experience. 

The right technology can be the difference maker, but convincing the finance dept can be tricky and time-consuming.

What metrics matter most to the Finance team? And how can you clearly point to the R in ROI?

On March 16th you’ll learn that and more.

Sell to Your CFO

Finance leaders Joe Garafolo of and Nick Tarnoff of SupportLogic share tips on how to talk to your CFO about getting the resources you need to be successful.

They explain key financial metrics and why they matter to CFOs. They then show you exactly what a successful resource request looks like and how to connect customer support goals to company goals.

Lastly, you’ll see how leading support organizations use SupportLogic to enhance support experiences and improve key performance metrics.


Joe Garafolo
COO and Cofounder,

Nicholas Tarnoff
Chief Financial Officer, SupportLogic

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