SupportLogic 1.9 Release Notes

October 2019

We can’t believe that the holiday season is almost here. We decided to bring the holiday gifts a little early for you with this feature packed release!

Intelligent Case Assignment: Our machine learning engineers have been hard at work on this feature for the past several months and we are super excited to finally get this into your hands.  Please give it a spin and let us know what you think.

Assignment Queues: We are adding support for Assignment Queues throughout the product. Now you will be able to assign a case to a queue or filter case list by queue. 

Out of Office Management: We are adding support for tracking your engineers’ out of office days so that you can better manage their backlog.

Slack Channels for Escalations: Now you can associate an escalation with a slack channel when you drag and drop a case in the escalations board.

In addition, as always we have squashed several bugs, refined and improved our product usability in several places. We also have made some significant under-the-hood architectural changes to improve page load time. “Console” and “Operational Metrics” pages should load faster now and soon we will be extending this to all the pages in the product. Please stay tuned for more updates and send in your feedback to!

The SupportLogic Engineering Team

Intelligent Case Assigment

The perfect pairing of case and support engineer

Poor case assignment choices result in lower CSATs and dramatically increase the case resolution time and the odds of a case getting escalated. Now with Intelligent Case Assignment you can take the guesswork out of the equation.  Our ML and NLP automatically infers the case complexity and the skills required to resolve a particular case.
In addition the case matching algorithm takes a holistic approach and factors several things into consideration such as

  • Support engineer’s prior relationship with the customer
  • Support engineer’s availability based on their working hours and vacation schedule
  • Support engineer’s current backlog, weighted by complexity, priority, and proximity to resolution
  • Historical ticket data and emerging trends

Assignment Queues

See unassigned cases by queue

Unassigned cases are now organized into queues in the Unassigned Cases List or the Case Assignment page. This gives you focus on your cases by allowing you to pick a specific queue to look at.

Custom assignment queues

We have added the ability to map any of your existing  users into queues via advanced settings. This helps you see all the incoming, unassigned cases in their queues for you to better prioritize case assignment.

Out of Office

Know when James is out on vacation

We have added calendar functionality to the Agents Page so that you can track Out of Office &  Events for any member of your support team. We use this information to provide you with smart recommendations.

Never let things slip through the cracks

We now alert you if there is an inbound case comment and the engineer is currently on vacation. Similarly when you re-assign the case (via Support Hub) we will let you know which engineers are available and which ones are out of office.

New Cases

A personal page for every support engineer

See everything you need to cut through the clutter and intelligently manage your backlog. Look beyond legacy metadata to know more accurately which customers require your urgent attention.

Single Sign-On Support

Goodbye passwords, hello single sign-on (SSO)!

In addition to Okta and Slack, we have added support for several other new Single Sign-On providers such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenID connect, PingFederate and Google G-Suite etc.  

Show trends, now in your QBR reports

We have extended calendar support in the trends page to choose a custom start and end date. We also added calendar shortcuts for you to see details on quarterly reports to make your reporting a little bit easier.

Case Comments

BCC/CC for case comments

You can BCC and/or CC people to a private or public case comment  you create in Support Hub, and copies will be sent out to the respective parties. You can also configure an auto-bcc, perhaps a mailing list in advanced settings.

Slack & Your Escalated Cases 

Slack for your escalated cases

Escalate a case from the Escalations page by dragging and dropping a case into the Escalated Today queue. You can create a Slack channel from here and see all conversations related to an escalated case in an individual case view.

Case Sharing

Share your cases with Microsoft Teams

Not a slacker? No problem! Let team members view escalations and full case history for any account as needed with one click. Share valuable customer success data with IT, Engineering and Sales in real time. 

Usability Improvements 

New and improved global filter

See which filters are active and how many filter selections are being applied to your current view, making it easy to know if there are cases being omitted from view. Go back to the default view with the newly added Reset button. This appears for all the filters on a page, giving you better control over what you see.

Page

Share your cases with Microsoft Teams

We added a fresh coat of paint to our login page and streamlined the interface into a more simple and elegant experience.

Vroom, vroom! Caching

We have introduced a caching layer to speed up page load time (for Console and Operational Metrics pages). Our caching implementation significantly reduces the amount of data loaded in the browser and it should also help when you have multiple simultaneous users on the platform.

Your SupportLogic Team